Colby Rebel

Website Design | Customisation

Colby Rebel is an International Psychic and Medium dedicated to serving spirit. We worked together for nearly 3 years now. I’ve worked on Graphic Design, Social Media Designs & Video Editing projects. During this time I delivered over 70 projects for Colby.


Colby wasn’t happy with her existing website anymore and wanted a fresh, minimal and clean design. However, her website is very active and creating a brand new design without going to maintenance mode was very important. The new design was done on staging copy without interrupting her live website.


The project was completed in under 60 hours including everything from web host setup to customisation, graphics, image editing and launching the website.


Colby Rebel uses My WP Angel service to keep her website up to date so she can concentrate on more important tasks.

Finding DESIGNROOM1229 and Georgi has been one of the most amazing blessings in my life! I have never come across someone so talented, skilled and open to working with a client to achieving exactly what they envisioned! He doesn’t cut corners or make you feel uncomfortable when you request a change. His work is extremely creative & detail oriented. He delivers on time and goes beyond to ensure that the product you receive not only is what you requested, but what you envisioned. I am truly honoured to work with him!


What I Did

  • Hosting Setup
  • Website Setup
  • Graphics
  • Customisation
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