EcoBurner Product Catalogue

Product Catalogue Design

EcoBurner Product Catalogue project brings a modern and bright edge design. A professional and clean layout is introducing company products.

The company contact me with a request for designing a 20-24 pages product catalogue. As always I work closely with them, to make sure they receive 100% quality design. After one week of working on every page fine details, the final design was ready.

EcoBurner Product Catalogue design was carried using the full power of Adobe CC.

For the main shapes and graphics, I use Illustrator. For all images edits and retouching, I use Adobe Photoshop. Finally, to bring all together and layout for print, I used Adobe InDesign.

Eco Burner is refillable, recyclable, produces less carbon and has patented safety features that make it a safer, cleaner and greener portable heat solution.

DESIGNROOM1229 once again manages to deliver quality premium design and help one more business to be more presentable with their marketing strategy.

An absolute pleasure to work with Georgi on this project – there were so many changes throughout and nothing was a problem, Georgi simply applied the changes quickly with great communication throughout.


What I did

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Image Editing
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